One day a fellow is traveling around in his car and gets lost on the way somewhere but ends up on our street. So he decides as he sees our children entering the school from their Friday neighborhood walk, to stop and park. He wants to meet the children and see the school. After a tour, out comes a keyboard and Steve gives us a little concert. Well hi Steve Higgins. Our kids LOOOVE music, and thanks for the mini-concert! Just a fellow on the wrong street with a big heart that figures THAT must have been where he should be anyway that morning. That is Steve Higgins, who shall now be Uncle Steve. Steve returns home to the states (his now home though Jamaica is where he began) and decides to hold a music recital. On his next visit here Uncle Steve has brought us a donation from his recital. I will continue to say that once you meet our children and our school, we stay with you, your heart is touched and you can’t help but be joyful in the the children’s presence. Serendipitous maybe, ….. BUT a kind heart Steve has for sure. Thank you Uncle Steve for deciding to be present in that moment, even though it was not how your morning began.

The Heart Is Never Blind At The Step Centre
Our friends at the S.T.E.P. Centre continue to push us to be better people for our community
Steve Higgins Performing at the Jamaica S.T.E.P. Centre
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