The ‘3 Tenors’, (from left) David Reid, Steve Higgins and Cecil Cooper

Dem 3 Jamaican Tenors not easy yuh know. On Sunday, Mother’s Day, at a show dubbed Dem 3 Jamaican tenors in Concert, they swept mothers off their feet, and took them down the proverbial memory lane with love songs older than their offspring… just ask Joyce Barrett, the mother of Diane Robinson.

“They sang some of the old songs that she (Robinson) doesn’t even know, and it (the concert) brought back memories, it was quite enjoyable,” Barrett shared.

With any number of advertised Mother’s Day shows to treat her mother to, Robinson, admitted that being a good friend and fan of Steve Higgins, influenced her choice of event.

“And it is the type of music that my mom would like, so I figured she would enjoy this more than anything else,” she said.

Intriguingly, the enjoyable performance took place at the upper St Andrew based Stella Maris Catholic Church Auditorium.

And a large number of the audience came from the Providence Methodist Church. Not only were they there to experience tenors Cecil Cooper, David Reid and Higgins perform, but to also support the Anglican Wortley Children’s Home, who benefited from part proceeds of gate receipts.

However, the concert got going with an introductory statement from Higgins, who played dual roles as vocalist and master of ceremony. He declared that the group was formed eight years ago and it was their first concert in Jamaica.

Then, all three, smartly attired in black suits and white shirts, opened their musical account with a request, Love Me with All Your Heart.

Before Cooper followed up with a solo performance of Let Me Love You, the group delivered a fine rendition of The Impossible Dream. Then Higgins and Reid returned to sing, Perhaps Love.

Reid and Higgins too had their solo moments. Higgins was great in his delivery of Falling in Love With You. Reid on the other hand preceded his singing of Try to Remember the Kind of September, with humour, as always. By way of explaining why he was the only one using a music stand said, “It only stand to show that people from the country can read”.

The Tenors closed the first half of their programme with Let It Be Me, with accompaniment from Godfrey Taylor.

In an engaging folk songs section, the four vocalists, up their entertainment with songs such as Five More Miles Fi Goh Walk, Come Back Liza, Fi Mi Love and Coconut Woman.

After thanking ‘the 3 tenors’ for their enjoyable performance, The Bishop of Jamaica, Howard Gregory and patron of the concert, put in perspective the plight of the children.

As a result of the fire, that destroyed their homes, the children have been relocated to other homes, but there is no place like home, and the children want to return to their home. To date they “got the approval from the various organisations. The last memo I got was that a simple hurdle has to be passed before they actually start the construction. And so we should see the construction starting any time soon,” Bishop Gregory told The Gleaner.