The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens (LCTG) pulled off a successful and memorable
virtual concert launch of their Breast Cancer awareness month on Monday September 28 ,
dubbed “Get Pinked for October!”

Under LCTG’s banner “Early detection saves Lives”, the concert launch – brainchild
of Lion Liz Smith (Liz)-, started with pleasantries and messages from avid supporter Kim
Lund (Remax/ Breast Cancer Foundation co-founder), Rev’d Mary Graham , acting chief
officer, Ministry of Health, Nellie Pouchie (on behalf of Minister Dwayne Seymour and
Zone Chair Lion Lois Kellyman and Lion President Kareefa Mohammed-Jalim.
The event was held at The Den yesterday, Monday September 28 , 2020- physically
attended by a select audience (social distancing) but watched by many local overseas
viewers and well-wishers.

About the Show:
The show started with local talent, featuring our own Leo’s Shardon Nelson & Khes
Hamilton, Isadora Ferrao, Erica Assai, Michael Lemay, Devon Edie & Kevin Blake. Artistic
support also came from the wider Caribbean region, including Errol Lee & The Bare
Essentials (Jamaica) and from Barbados – “Lead Pipe & Saddis”, “Coopa Dan” and Mikey

The second half of the concert featured Steve Higgins Productions (Florida-based), 2/4
who delivered a superb performance, presenting timeless music across multiple genres;
Ballads, Jazz, Standards and Oldies: – there was a song for everyone! Performers in this
set included Jamaican songbird Karen Smith, April Marr, Steve Higgins himself and
his seven-year-old son Master Matthew Higgins & who gave a very touching
performance. This virtual offering was enhanced by captivating graphics depicting the
theme of each song and remains on-line for LCTG’s October outreach to the wider
“This is the fifth consecutive year that Steve Higgins Productions has presented a show
in the Cayman Islands”, says Producer Steve Higgins, “and we will continue to bring our
productions while supporting the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens in their fight against
Cancer”. Steve Higgins Productions has also supported the activities of the Cayman Islands
Cancer Society.
It is important to note that this launch came to fruition despite the challenges brought on
by the Corona Virus pandemic that has shaken the world in 2020. Full credit must be given
to the LCTG, their volunteers, technical experts and their entire team for realizing this
Under the banner, “Early Detection Saves Lives”, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens
will continue its efforts to:

1. Increase the number of mammogram vouchers available to benefit these Islands.
2. Increase the level of support to victims and their families – recognizing the need in
many cases for ongoing assistance during an extended treatment period &
3. Expand the ambit of educational drive to particularly include our younger women
/girls and empower them with vital information relating to their bodies.
LCTG’s activities planned for October 2020 will include a month-long Brenda TibbettsLund Memorial Step Challenge, “Brazz it up Cayman” … an uplifting fundraiser by
designing bras, month-long cut-a-thon at Eclipze, Dress down Dress Pink Day and radio
interviews to support the education aspect of the campaign.
Sponsors for the event included HARNEYS, JN Money and the Lloyd Erskine
Sandiford Centre in Barbados.
Steve Higgins Productions: Tel (954)670-
[email protected] : Facebook @singerstevehiggins
Lions Club of Tropical Gardens: President – Kareefa Mohammed-Jalim : [email protected]